No-code data pipelines for mobile publishers

Growth FullStack is a complete data pipeline platform that empowers mobile publishers to unify complex data sets without the need for in-house data engineering teams.

  • Growth FullStack saved us from data chaos at a time when our games were growing fast. The team was super helpful with connecting & managing our data.

    Kelly Tan
    Kelly Tan

    Co-founder and Head of Publishing at TOUKA

  • Thanks to Growth FullStack, we’ve been able to focus our energy on building great games and making sense of the post-IDFA world of mobile marketing.

    Quote from Lucky Kat Studios
    Hernan Zhou

    Co-founder & CTO at Lucky Kat Studios

  • Thanks to Growth FullStack, we have attained very granular control over our ad spend, allowing us to scale better and faster where it matters.

    Julien Wilmet - Lead Developer at YSO Corp
    Julien Wilmet

    Lead Developer at YSO Corp

  • Growth FullStack has helped us take complete control of our data, allowing us to scale We leverage the platform to develop LTV prediction models and use them to automate UA optimization.

    Quote from Kooapps for Growth FullStack
    Jonathan Chang

    COO at Kooapps

For UA teams

Double your ROI using advanced data insights

We empower user-acquisition teams to adapt to the privacy-first world and continue pursuing their marketing analytics goals via custom analyses and dashboard templates. All you have to do is choose the BI tool, and we will do the rest.

Growth FullStack for UA teams
Growth FullStack for founders and decision makers

For Founders & Decision Makers

Streamline your data without hiring a data team

We integrate your data from multiple sources into one place with just a few clicks. Let us focus on data management and delivery so you can focus on scaling your business. No in-house developer resources needed.

For Data Engineers

Let us set up and maintain your data pipelines

We move the data to your preferred destination in real-time without any maintenance from your end. Get complete transparency on the status and health of your data pipelines using our app.

data pipelines
Growth FullStack for Data Scientists and Analysts

For Data Scientists & Analysts

Increase your efficiency by building on top instead of building from scratch

We give you a head start in your data analysis journey with our custom data visualizations and predictions. Don’t see the use case you’re looking for? We’ll build it for you.

A wide range of data stacks at your fingertips, with opportunities for more

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Step 1: Get in touch
Step 1: Get in touch

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Step 2: Get a free trial
Step 2: Get a free trial

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Step 3: Get to work
Step 3: Get to work

We will connect your data to any Data Analysis/BI tool and provide Training on how to maximize the insights from your data for free.

We take care of your data management, while you focus on building great apps

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