Our mission is to empower mobile marketers to adapt to a privacy-first mobile app ecosystem post-IDFA

Quote by Chris Farm, CEO and Co-Founder at Tenjin

"We’re excited to partner with GameAnalytics to offer Growth FullStack...

The inspiration was our joint understanding that mobile marketers have their own siloed data sources, databases and analyses—sometimes multiple of each—but no way to draw them together post-IDFA. Growth FullStack provides the tools and training for mobile publishers to achieve the same insights as the big publishers, enabling them to focus on building their apps and games. GameAnalytics and Tenjin both have very popular free platforms and share a commitment to educating our clients, so we’re delighted to be working together to help great apps grow in the new privacy-first world."

"Growth FullStack is the first in a suite of collaborative products that will supercharge the switch to Apple & Android-centric attribution...

We’re thrilled to be announcing our new partnership with Tenjin, which is perfectly aligned to help us deliver best-in-class developer tools. Conversations with our mutual mobile game clients showed that they want us to offer services across their full stack of data tools. Mobile performance marketing architecture has been thrown into disarray during 2021 for publishers worldwide, but with Growth FullStack any mobile publisher can run new analyses of previously diffuse datasets with no in-house expertise."

Quote by Morten E. Wulff Founder & Chairman at GameAnalytics

Our Story

Tenjin and GameAnalytics have partnered together to create Growth FullStack—an ETL product designed to turn your data into powerful insights. Both companies individually have popular free platforms and want to help game and app developers maximize their insights—specifically with analytics, user acquisition, and now data science. The idea for the product first came when both Tenjin and GameAnalytics decided to help their respective clients navigate through the new privacy-first marketing landscape in 2021. They quickly realized that many of the demands made by their customers overlapped—especially when it came to mobile games. Growth FullStack was built as a response to the needs of mobile game developers and marketers in 2021 who are suddenly required to completely alter their growth strategies. Additionally, app publishers have had to forcefully divert from their core business model of building great apps and games and instead deal with complex and disparate datasets. With the help of Growth FullStack, mobile developers will now be able to reclaim their power and continue pursuing their marketing analytics goals with ease—via an ETL service and training library.

Why are we the right fit for you?

Why Growth FullStack is the right fit for you
We help you get results today

Our comprehensive training equips you to deal with real-life challenges as they come and drive growth today.

We allow you to save time and resources
We allow you to save time and resources

Our ready to use dashboard templates require zero coding skills and help you save time on complex data processing.

We empower you to make data-driven decisions
We empower you to make data-driven decisions

Our resources enable you to merge all your data and view dashboards that help you make intelligent decisions.

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