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Google Data Studio

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a data visualization tool that was introduced in 2016 as part of the enterprise Google Analytics 360 suite.

Why Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is free, easy-to-use, and allows you to customize your dashboards to meet your needs. If you’re looking for a tool that provides you with up-to-date reports, can be integrated with multiple data sources and destinations—including third-party integrations—and is completely free of charge, then Google Data Studio is the right solution for you.

With its unique features like pre-built data connectors and calculated metrics—Google Data Studio helps you bring your data to life so that you can make smarter, data-driven decisions and drive growth for your business.

Google Data Studio Dashboard Template for Growth FullStack

What are the benefits of using Google Data Studio with Growth FullStack?

Growth FullStack empowers developers to adapt to a privacy-first world and continue pursuing their marketing analytics goals with ease. Enabled by a plug-and-play model, with Growth FullStack mobile marketers no longer need to rely on in-house data engineering to unify and understand complex data sets, as they can find everything they need on our platform.

We ensure that mobile publishers worldwide now have the opportunity to collect the data that they need, store it in the way they want, and optimize their campaign activities using off-the-shelf or custom analyses.

Our simple integration process
We will make sure that you can send all the data you need, and start building dashboards in Google Data Studio with just a few clicks

Our other tools
Google Data Studio works seamlessly with our Data Destinations, Sources, and other solutions-—including third-party integrations

Our expert knowledge
We work with Google Data Studio on a day-to-day basis and can guide you through the process from start to finish

Our Training
We provide comprehensive dashboard templates and free Training on Google Data Studio to ensure that you gain maximum insights from your data

Get started with Google Data Studio today

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Step 2: Get a free trial
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Step 3: Get to work
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