Get more value from your data with Looker


What is Looker?

Looker is a data platform and BI tool that is fast to deploy and can work well with any analytics database. It gives teams company-wide better access to reliable data and supports better reporting.

Why is Looker the right BI tool for you?

If you’re looking for a platform that both data analysts and business teams can rely on, then Looker is the right solution for you. In addition to simple dashboarding, Looker is also a data aggregation tool that allows you to send data across platforms with a single API.

Compared to other BI tools, Looker also provides far more flexibility to combine data sources, transform data, and create robust models for reporting. With its enhanced visualization capabilities that allow users to drill down to row-level details, Looker provides teams across the company with a consistent and reliable understanding of key metrics in your business.

What are the benefits of using Looker with Growth FullStack?

Our simple integration process
We will make sure that you can send all the data you need, and start building dashboards in Looker with just a few clicks

Our other tools
Looker works seamlessly with our Data Destinations, Data Sources, and other solutions

Our expert knowledge
We work with Looker on a day-to-day basis and can guide you through the process from start to finish

Our Training
We provide comprehensive dashboard templates and Training on Looker to ensure that you gain maximum insights from your data

Our 3 step process will get you started with Looker as your BI tool in no time

Step 1: Get in touch
Feel free to “book a demo” and have a chat with us about your marketing analytics needs

Step 2: Get a free trial
Use our free trial to visualize two week’s worth of data and get a glimpse of the Growth FullStack experience

Step 3: Get to work
Take a backseat on the complicated data processing work and instead focus on driving growth for your app immediately

Are you interested in exploring Looker further? Or do you have any unanswered questions? Get in touch with us today

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