Case Studies

Discover how mobile publishers around the world use Growth FullStack’s automated data pipelines, cross-promo LTV, predictions, and other use cases to grow their business.

HyperBeard Case Study

Mexico's Top Mobile Publisher: +35% Portfolio LTV

HyperBeard's CEO, Alex Kozachenko, discusses the success of their hyper-casual studio using Growth FullStack & Tenjin for multiple use cases, including cross-promo LTV

Mexico's Top Mobile Publisher: +35% Portfolio LTV
How Chinese Mobile Publisher Saves 12 hours Weekly with Automated Data Pipelines

TOUKA Games Case Study

Automated Data Pipelines save this Publisher 12 hours/week

This case study explores how TOUKA Games, a Chinese-based mobile game publisher, leverages Growth FullStack to seamlessly connect and manage data from various sources.

  • Growth FullStack saved us from data chaos at a time when our games were growing fast. The team was super helpful with connecting & managing our data.

    Kelly Tan
    Kelly Tan

    Co-founder and Head of Publishing at TOUKA

  • Thanks to Growth FullStack, we’ve been able to focus our energy on building great games and making sense of the post-IDFA world of mobile marketing.

    Quote from Lucky Kat Studios
    Hernan Zhou

    Co-founder & CTO at Lucky Kat Studios

  • Thanks to Growth FullStack, we have attained very granular control over our ad spend, allowing us to scale better and faster where it matters.

    Julien Wilmet - Lead Developer at YSO Corp
    Julien Wilmet

    Lead Developer at YSO Corp

  • Growth FullStack has helped us take complete control of our data, allowing us to scale We leverage the platform to develop LTV prediction models and use them to automate UA optimization.

    Quote from Kooapps for Growth FullStack
    Jonathan Chang

    COO at Kooapps

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