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What is GameAnalytics?

GameAnalytics was the first analytics platform that focuses completely on games and remains one of the most popular platforms for game developers today.

What are the benefits of using GameAnalytics to ETL your data?

The platform takes pride in offering its service completely for free, and without any surprise additional payments involved.  It’s key goals include providing the best in-class analytics tool that delivers out-of-the-box insights, offering data services providing event-level data and enabling automation, and empowering studio growth.

In short, GameAnalytics empowers game developers to explore the true potential of their games by taking control of their core metrics and analytics needs, and has been especially successful with indie game developers.

ETL your GameAnalytics data to the data warehouse of your choice

A glimpse of the GameAnalytics dashboard:


How to add a game to my gameanalytics dashboard

The graphic above illustrates the first thing you see when you log in to the GameAnalytics account. Once you add your games, they will be displayed here as well.

GameAnalytics Real-time dashboard and metrics overview

With each game, you get access to a real-time dashboard (that takes ten minutes to update fresh data). This dashboard contains the following metrics: Incoming Events, Unique Users, New Users, Active Users, Returning Users, Revenue, Transactions, Sessions, and Error Events.

Live feed dashboard gameanalytics

Additionally, the Live-feed dashboard gives you an overview of all the events that took place in your game in the last 24 hours, including the number of Active Users and Incoming events.

Gameanalytics menu and dashboard views

The menu panel on the left gives you access to various dashboard views with the click of a button. One such dashboard view is the “Engagement Overview” where you can visualize the Session Count, Session Length, Play-time, up to Day-7 Retention, and Daily Active Users (DAU):

GameAnalytics Engagement Overview Dashboard 1

GameAnalytics Engagement Overview Dashboard 2

GameAnalytics Engagement Overview Dashboard 3

To learn more about the different dashboard views, you can create an account for free and navigate the GameAnalytics dashboard.

GameAnalytics offers free and secure analytics for game developers worldwide

Some of its core features include:

Collection API
A Collector is a GameAnalytics server (one of many) that receives and collects game events that are being submitted using the HTTP protocol.

Data Services
This was launched recently to allow for more data Enterprise automation use cases. The Metrics API and Player Warehouse are included in these services.

Metrics API
This API enables you to fetch the most relevant KPIs for your studio for multiple games all at once, so you can compare all your games metrics and performance at the same time

Player Warehouse
The Player Warehouse has different use cases and provides player and event-level granularity of the data collected from different devices.

ETL your GameAnalytics data to the Data Destination or Analysis tool of your choice<

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