Why Mintegral?

Mintegral is a Chinese company that began operating independently in 2018. It is a global mobile advertising platform that aims to bridge the East to West gap in mobile marketing and drive growth for businesses worldwide.

Mintegral provides user acquisition, monetisation and creative solutions for mobile advertisers and publishers—helping them make the most out of their ad spend and meet their mobile growth needs. The company prides itself in being AI-driven, programmatic and interactive, which allows it to create a more intelligent and transparent advertising ecosystem.

Mintegral offers a wide range of services

In-app bidding 

Their advanced programmatic bidding technology allows you to increase your ad revenue by creating multiple demand sources for your inventory and awarding it to the highest bidder


Mintegral helps advertisers of all sizes reach the right users at scale. Their intelligent algorithms enable you to spend on the most valuable users for your business, ensuring a higher ROI and retention rate


By displaying the most fitting ads to match user interests with bids to boost your ad revenue, Mintegral prides itself on being a top monetisation partner in China


Their in-house creative studio, Mindworks, helps advertisers take their ad campaigns to the next level by crafting high quality ads and videos

Open Source SDK

Mintegral was one of the first open-source SDK ad platforms, allowing it to have increased transparency and security

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