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Why use Tenjin as your data source?

Tenjin is an attribution platform that equips mobile app marketers with the necessary tools and training to analyse which campaigns are performing better, in-app purchases, advertising revenue, cost, LTV and ROI. With Tenjin, you as a mobile game publisher can get free install attribution and grow your apps performance in a cost efficient manner. By assigning a personal customer success manager to each client, Tenjin allows you to make the most out of the platform and optimise your results.

How to sign up with Tenjin?

To sign up, head over to the website, click the “free sign up” button on the top right, enter your credentials and you’re all set!

How to sign up with Tenjin

What does the Tenjin dashboard look like, and what metrics does it show?

Once you’ve signed up, integrated the Tenjin SDK into your apps, and set up your channels and campaigns, you will have access to the dashboard which will look like this:

The Tenjin dashboard

For each of your apps, you can see how much you are spending, how many tracked installs you are getting, how many daily active users you have, your LTV, ROI, ROAS and more. You can also look at this data on a channel or a campaign level. These metrics will help you identify which campaigns are performing better and which are not.

Viewing data in the tenjin dashboard on a channel level

You can also choose different reports to look at from “User Acquisition” to “Ad Monetization” and “SKAdNetwork.”

Different reports in the Tenjin dashboard

What does Tenjin offer?

Campaign Management API
Enables you to build internal tooling to automate the campaign creation and bid management process

Reporting Metrics API
A data solution that allows you to retrieve all your Data Exporter metrics and to interact with saved reports that can be used to automate and organize reporting data fetching

Tenjin’s unique data platform makes it easy to build models and analyses in a deterministic way by joining all information from various places together

Tenjin Callbacks
Using Tenjin callbacks, you will not need to integrate another ad network SDK because you can configure install events to get sent to the ad network in real time. Here is a list of all the available callback macros that you are able to set up when sending data to other services.

ETL your Tenjin data to the Data Warehouse of your choice

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Why you should choose Growth FullStack with Tenjin to ETL your data

Growth FullStack empowers developers to adapt to a privacy-first world and continue pursuing their marketing analytics goals with ease. Enabled by a plug-and-play model, with Growth FullStack mobile marketers no longer need to rely on in-house data engineering to unify and understand complex data sets, as they can find everything they need on our platform.

We ensure that mobile publishers worldwide now have the opportunity to collect the data that they need, store it in the way they want, and optimize their campaign activities using off-the-shelf or custom analyses.

Benefits of using Growth FullStack

Take control of your Marketing Data today with Growth FullStack

Get the most out of Tenjin
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Tenjin stacks vary from beginner level trainings to code templates catered specifically to meet your needs!  Check out the usecases listed above to:

In general, we recommend our clients to start their first advanced automation projects on top of the Tenjin stack.