Maximize your Mobile Ad Revenue with TopOn


Why TopOn?

TopOn is an ad mediation platform that helps mobile games, and other apps, maximize their mobile ad revenue.

With it’s easy-to-use operation system, fast-integrated SDK, and incredible support team, TopOn has become a popular mediation platform among game developers. In addition, it’s ability to integrate with several global mobile advertising platforms such as Mintegral and Huawei is a huge advantage.

With its advanced features, TopOn also helps its customers find the perfect fit for their monetisation strategy.


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TopOn uses a variety of advanced features to promote your Ad Revenue

Real-time Header Bidding
This feature allows you to choose and show the ad with the best eCPM after examining real-time requests

Waterfall Layering
TopOn sets eCPM price floors for each ad network to guarantee the most reasonable waterfall configuration

A/B Test
Comparing different ad strategies (or A/B testing) allows you to use real data to choose the best monetisation strategy for your business

Segment Management
This feature lets you group different users based on key metrics such as country, channel source, etc. You can use this to refine your ad monetisation strategy

Cross Promotion
With Cross Promotion, developers can retain and monetise users already in their portfolio while saving up on user-acquisition costs and increasing their return on ad spend (ROAS)

Provides key data insight
Gives customers insight on metrics such as Ad Revenue, DAU, eCPM, LTV, User Retention, and ensures authenticity of the data by allowing for a visual comparison between API data from Ad Networks

Why you should choose Growth FullStack to extract your TopOn data

Growth FullStack empowers developers to adapt to a privacy-first world and continue pursuing their marketing analytics goals with ease. Enabled by a plug-and-play model, with Growth FullStack mobile marketers no longer need to rely on in-house data engineering to unify and understand complex data sets, as they can find everything they need on our platform.

We ensure that mobile publishers worldwide now have the opportunity to collect the data that they need, store it in the way they want, and optimize their campaign activities using off-the-shelf or custom analyses.

Benefits of using Growth FullStack

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