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What is Applovin?

Applovin is a crucial channel for app developers to get matched with the right users and scale a new install base. With a reach of 470 million mobile gamers, Applovin empowers you to get discovered, acquire the relevant users for your app on both iOS and Android and maximize your monetization opportunities.

Applovin offers a wide range of APIs

Basic Reporting API
Obtain aggregated campaign data for publishers and advertisers in either JSON or CSV format

App List API
Create a set of apps to later be targeted by or excluded from a campaign

Audience Targeting API
Create a set of users who can later be targeted with a campaign

Suppression API
Prevent existing app users from being targeted by campaigns for that app

Device Model Targeting API
Create a set of device models to later be targeted by or excluded from a campaign

Device Model API – Model Names
Learn more about the strict requirements for the format of the model name

Ad Unit Management API
Gain a competitive advantage with your app by automating your daily monetization tasks

Cohort API
Make better informed decisions by optimizing the entire lifecycles of your users

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